New APIs for XD 47

XD 47 will have a few new component APIs. Check out this pull request for a sneak preview.

when will it be released? will it also include hover/toggle state in the api?

Maybe @tatemasi can say…?

@adinu Yes, the API will contain information on all states associated with a component including the “smart” hover/toggle states as applicable. Check out the getStates and statesInfo endpoints in the pull request!

thanks! when will this version will be released? and can i play with the pre-released version somehow?

It looks like 46 and 47 have been pushed to January.

If you’re not in the XD prerelease, DM me with the email address associated with your AdobeID and I can add you.

Are there plans to create components via API? And place components in the current document?

These options are possible in Figma. Would be great to get on the same level soon.

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hi @Erin_Finnegan i dmed you and didn’t get any answer yet. thanks :slight_smile:

Sorry about that! I got caught up with end-of-year stuff…

i have download XD47, but seem no symbol here, just color and characterstyle here, right?

Hi all,
The XD Product & Engineering teams have been working hard on the Components APIs. Right now, it is currently being held from public consumption as we are aware of upcoming refactoring of XD’s scenegraph that could negatively affect these APIs. Instead of releasing and anticipating the service breaking, we are electing to push public access to the Component API until a future release. Our team will inform this community on progress as we get closer to our official release! Apologies for any confusion this may have caused. We’re looking forward to delivering these new endpoints soon.