How can we export states to development?

How can we export states to development?
In the specs there is only one state in the component (Default State). How can development have access to every state?
I have been trying to figure it out, the Dev API only talks bout interactionTriggers (which returns null every time) but there does not seem to be a way to get a component’s (SceneNode) state.
This should be a priority (if it does not exist). It is pointless support component states but neglect to share them. Are we supposed to create a screen for every instance of the components we use?

Agree, this feature should be first priority for XD team. A lot of designers working with third-party software like ZeroHeight / Zeplin etc. When I export components to ZeroHeight it doesn’t see components and I need to make a component for each state or use similar time-consuming workarounds and it’s very annoying.

Please vote on this feature request.