XD Plugin API Feature Requests - Please give us more ammo!

Hi everyone,

On behalf of the entire XD extensibility team at Adobe, I’d like to thank everyone for sending us numerous feature requests so far. We are actively monitoring the requests, some of which have already been developed and released to the public release.

As you probably have realized, there hasn’t been much transparency in this process. Going forward, we are going to try to make this process a little more transparent to people participating in this forum. For us to get there faster, please let me ask for more inputs from you like:

  1. Votes - while # of votes is not the only metrics we look at, it does matter when it comes to deciding which feature requests to discuss internally. As you can imagine, those feature requests that do not have much support from the rest of the community have less likelihood of becoming an actual feature. We are currently reviewing those with at least 3 votes.

  2. Use cases - when you submit feature requests, please do include your use cases. This will significantly help us prioritize your feature requests. The more use cases, the better. Even if it’s not your feature request, go ahead and post your use cases for any feature request posted in the forum.

  3. More details - when describing your requests, please explain as detailed as you can. This will reduce the need to go back and forth and make the process much more efficient.

If you want to look at all existing feature requests, click on “all categories”, type “feature requests” in the search box, and click on the “feature requests” category.
Please vote, add use cases, and provide more details. Also, you are more than welcome to create new feature requests.

Again, thanks everyone for actively communicating with us on the forum and we will try to communicate the progress of your requests going forward.


I will review the existing feature requests and ask for more information from people in each post. Thanks everyone!

Is voting enabled in the new forums?