XD 29 new plugin APIs

XD 29 adds some great new APIs for plugin developers!

Two notes on breaking changes:

  • The format of ImageFill.toString() has changed a bit.
  • MouseEvent clientX/clientY and offsetX/offsetY values are incorrect (an existing known issue) – but they will be changed to correct values in the next XD release, so do not rely on the current bad values in your code.

Also, we’ve recently updated the plugin submission site: it’s been renamed from “Adobe I/O Console” to “Adobe Developer Console,” and added some cool new features:

  • Preview how your listing will look in XD before submitting it for review.
  • Publish updates at a specific time of your choosing by opting out of instant publishing when your plugin submission is approved.

Check back here for a post with more details in the near future!

Further reading

Happy plugin building – looking forward to seeing what you’ll create next!


Oh, man, :100:^infinity. Thank you!


Awesome! :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s awesome :100: .

I’ll have to adjust the typings later today (they’re currently a few versions behind :slightly_smiling_face:). Since I have to test my setup for webinars and such things anyway, I’ve decided to live-stream this process as it is usually accompanied with me experimenting a bit with the APIs and therefore getting a quick overview of how the new features work.

Therefore, anyone’s welcome to join me in taking a look at the new APIs later today (I’ll announce the exact time when I know it. Probably around 12:30 UTC) if you want to (just know that, as I wrote, the primary purpose will be testing new equipment I got, meaning there might be a few technical difficulties). Maybe, if there’s some interest, we could also do so something like this again in the future (creating a sort of XD Development Podcast, with everyone sharing experiences, tips and tricks) – that, however, would of course require some real interest in it (which I currently doubt will be there) :wink:.

:movie_camera: I will go live in 35 minutes (at :clock1: 12:30 UTC) at https://www.twitch.tv/pklaschka to take a look at the new APIs. Feel free to join me there :slightly_smiling_face: