UXP with future products (PS, IL, etc)

In the future, we could see porting our XD plugins to other products as their UXP support comes online.

The biggest question that arises is whether we could share UXP sources across “motherships”, by dynamically detecting the runtime environment, and invoking both different imports and running different code, based on the current environment.

E.g., UXP plugin code that would modify the scenegraph in XD would have to change the art tree in IL, using entirely (I assume) different APIs.

Of course, this could be a build-time feature as well, so no runtime detection would be required.

What is Adobe’s vision of how this might work?

I am curious about that, too. Our CEP panel QuickImporter for example, is a single extension that supports Audition, Premiere Pro and After Effects as hosts and does these kinds of case distinctions at runtime.

The team is putting thought and work into how this will work, and we should be talking about it more over the year as we begin working with developers in Ps.

I don’t believe we have specifics to share just yet, but as a feature request, it is certainly noted.

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