Any more sample UXP projects besides AdobeDocs/uxp-photoshop-plugin-samples?

I’m a React dev; don’t need help with JS or React, just with UXP for Photoshop 2022. I learn best when I can reverse engineer someone else’s implementations. I’ve gone through just about all of the samples in the AdobeDocs samples repo, and I’ve found a small number of projects on Github that I’m still poking around in.

Is there anywhere else that has working projects for the latest version of UXP?

I would like to +1 to this question. I’ve also been wondering this, and have been searching around.

Currently, the largest source of UXP examples that I’ve seen, outside of adobe’s github repo, is Davide Barranca’s UXP code samples. However, that’s bundled with his UXP/React book, and primarily deals with how react works in the context of UXP, and it sounds like you’re fairly comfortable with React.

I really would like to see more examples of code that actually performs various edits on the document itself.