Any VS Code Users Out There

I have just recorded some BatchPlay and noticed in VSCode, it changes colour half way through.

I have also pasted the same code into Atom and its the same.
The code appears to run ok but I would like to know why it suddenly changes colour as this could indicate a warning that I am not aware of.

It’s because of the syntax and double quotes, like _obj or “_obj”. Both are valid.

Thanks Piere, nothing to worry about then

The latest version of Alchemist (1.5.2) by default does not show quotes in property names in order to make code cleaner.

I used 1.5.2 Alchemist and this was the output I got

   "_obj": "delete",
   "_target": [
         "_ref": "layer",
         "_enum": "ordinal",
         "_value": "targetEnum"
   "layerID": [
   "_isCommand": true

but this is not from source-code tab right? Is this “raw” tab?

Sorry @Jarda yes, this was from the Raw tab. The source code doesn’t show the “”.

Is there any reason why we need to show the “” in the Raw tab, just thinking outloud of concistency.

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The only reason is that it wouldn’t be a valid JSON format.

The red color is just calling out strings. VSCode doesn’t really care that they’re being used to access properties on an object. Either is of course perfectly fine to use.