Produce simple plugin to playback Alchemist listener generated code

I want to create a plugin to replace my actions in Photoshop. I need a very simple plugin to just playback code generated by the Alchemist listener. I have tried to create one using the simple UXP template but don’t know where to start. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Sounds like you’re completely unfamiliar with Javascript. My advice would be to start there.

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Thanks for the advice and responding so quickly! I have been been doing a bit of learning with w3schools but obviously not enough, haha. Im currently using Visual Studio Code to study and work on the code then using the debug console within UXP Developer Tool to run it. I was just hoping there was a simple start point I could set up so I don’t have to keep using the console and copy and pasting between. Head down and strong coffee’s ahead.

I might have good news for you since my next project would be capable to do that.

In Alchemist 1.5.2 there is Occultist panel. You can simply open actions file (.atn) in occultist and then send actions into Alchemist. This will show you generated source that you can copy-paste. But for now you need to wrap it into some template/another code.

But in my next project you would be able to generate plugin from source code generated by Alchemist. (probably with no or very little UI in generated plugin)


Amazing, thanks so much for the reply, love your work! I came across your Occultist panel when I downloaded Alchemist from GitHub, it was a very welcome surprise to see. Started using it strait away, works really well. The new project sounds perfect for me, will definitely be keeping an eye out for that. Thanks again!