Converting nested Photoshop actions to UXP with Alchemist or any other tool

I’d like to convert my Photoshop actions to a UXP plugin, and I’m testing the Alchemist plugin.

Almost all of my actions include several play action lines.

The Occultist panel doesn’t unpack these actions by default.

When I run listen in the Alchemist panel, only the play action commands are recorded, and not the underlying commands.

Is there an easy way to generate the UXP code of actions that include play action commands?

Am I missing a setting in the Occultist panel that will unpack these actions?

Or a setting in the Alchemist panel that will listen to the underlying commands?

Or is there another tool that works with nested Photoshop actions?

In this case, wouldn’t it be better to choose to copy the JavaScript code directly from the actions panel?

Thanks. “Copy as JavaScript” is generating code that doesn’t throw errors like the Alchemist plugin did, and putting the keys in quotes allows my JS editor to distinguish them from JS reserve words, like “null”.

Converting actions with “play” action commands to batchPlay is still proving to be an extremely tedious process. I’m having to break up all of my actions into multiple functions at every “play” action command and some of my actions run seven actions deep.

I’d be curious if I’m missing any tools that might streamline this process. Thanks again.