Listening to action commands with the Alchmist plugin for Photoshop

Converting my Photoshop actions into batchPlay functions is taking forever and a day.

The Occultist panel doesn’t appear to work at all. It can’t unpack any action that contains a “play” command, and even the small slivers of actions it can unpack throw an error when run in Photoshop.

For example, the “to” property of the “with” property of the applyImageEvent is translated as an array, which throws an error in Photoshop.

When an applyImageEvent is recorded with Listen from the Alchemist panel, this property is an object, and Photoshop successfully executes the command.

There also appears to be something wrong with the way the Occultist panel translates an operation that selects non-contiguous layers and makes a group. I’ve only been able to get this to work by recording this operation all over again.

Also, when I try to rerecord my actions using the Listen function in the Alchemist panel, by default Alchemist only records a single “play” actionCommand.

Is there a setting in the Alchemist plugin that allows Alchemist to listen to the commands sent by an action, instead of only the “play” action event?

Is there any alternative to recording every single action all over again?