API Update Notification

I presume over time, Adobe are going to extend what is available for us to use in the API.

How will we be notified as to when the API is updated and what new things have been added.

With Adobe XD (which was the first Adobe app to have a public UXP API), Adobe employees post about the changes to the API on these forums and probably elsewhere (e.g. Twitter?). For example, see this post:

I guess it will be similar for updates to the Photoshop API.

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We will also update the documentation site with new changes. You’ll also be able to compare the version differences in the Github sources for the docs as well.

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Hi @IanBarber!

@TroyMc is right, we’ll post about API changes in this forum.

You can also sign up for our Creative Cloud Developer newsletter (more or less monthly), or follow the Creative Cloud tag on the Adobe Tech Blog to stay up to date.

Please remember that there are host-app specific APIs and then there are cross-app UXP APIs. You can follow the changelogs on github, too.

I’ll defer to @kerrishotts on the exact URLs, but here are some repos you might follow:
UXP: https://github.com/AdobeDocs/uxp-photoshop/tree/main/src/pages/uxp
XD: https://github.com/AdobeXD/plugin-docs/blob/master/changes.md
Photoshop: https://github.com/AdobeDocs/uxp-photoshop/tree/main/src/pages/ps_reference

Thank you. I shal subscribe to the newsletter and also bookmark the other URL’s you provided.