Are you using Typescript or Javascript in your UXP plugins?

Is everyone using Typescript for their plugins? Am I the only one still using Javascript?

What are you using for the language side for your UXP plugin?

  • Javascript
  • Typescript

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I get the benefits of TS but it just seems like such a pain in the proverbial :rofl:

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I use both. Have 2 quite simple plugins where I use pure JS. And then there’s another (I’d say very complex) plugin, which is in React and there I use TS. Using TS in this complex plugin saved me a bunch of times - revealed problems during compilation, rather than if I tried to find issue later by debugging. Or even noticing an issue would be quite problematic (yeah, I still have no idea how to do JS testing with Reach ant its modules)

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Pure JS here :)! I really don’t know how TS works haha, haven’t got a dive into it.

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I decided to learn TypeScript mid 2020 and since almost day one, writing JavaScript feels like walking a tightrope in the wind without a net. It’s absolutely doable, but once you get a taste of the safety and efficiency improvements that TypeScript provides, it’s hard to make a case for going back.

I’ve been rewriting GuideGuide and it is top-to-bottom TypeScript: server, interface, utility scripts — everything. It’s been slower going, but so much more stable and it (plus tests) has reduced my fear about broad, sweeping changes to nearly zero.

For anyone wanting to learn TypeScript quickly and effectively, I can’t recommend highly enough.


Thanks for sharing man!

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Yes thanks! I’ve only spent a short moment with it and I’ve already learnt more than I did from the official TypeScript docs!

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That course is really, really good. I’m about two hours deep and I’ve already begun to mentally rewriting my current project in TS.

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