Artboard properties are undefined in some cases


There are a few artboards that are returning undefined for the width and height and other properties.

Steps to reproduce

Download and open the xd-resources-dashboard by Pek P here.

Loop through the artboards and get the width:

// get the widths of all artboards
documentRoot.childrent.forEach(async (artboard, i) => {
   let artboardWidth = artboard.width;
   log("Artboard width:" + artboardWidth);
   if (artboardWidth==undefined) log(artboard);

Expected Behavior

The width should return a number

Actual Behavior

The width returns undefined

Additional information

I copied one of the artboards into another project with one artboard and the console reads:

Artboard width:462
Artboard width:undefined
Group ('Intro') {
  width: 1840, height: 797
  global X,Y: -136, -1308
  parent: RootNode
  children: [Rectangle, Text, Text, Text, Group, Text, Group, Path, Line, Text, Text]

I moved the artboard around and it behaves different if it’s inside the bounds of another artboard or outside of it.

Inside of it acts like another layer. Outside of it acts like an artboard but the layer name changes to Pasteboard.