Backspace in <sp-textfield> field deletes layer masks and layers on the Layers panel, not the contents of the input field (Windows only)

Try this:

  1. Open an image with multiple layers in Photoshop.
  2. Open the Kitchen Sink plugin
  3. Position the mouse cursor in an sp-textfield element
  4. Click the backspace button on the keyboard

On my Windows computer, this deletes layers masks and layers from the Layers panel and doesn’t delete anything in the input box. Even if there’s something typed in the input box, the backspace key doesn’t backspace to remove the letters or numbers. It removes layers masks and layers instead. Only when all but one layer has been deleted does the backspace key start deleting numbers/letters from the input field.

This is definitely new in Ps 22.5.0 and apparently only on Windows. The “delete” key on my MacBook air works normally for backspacing through the sp-textfield input.

I have the same problem :upside_down_face:

Yeah, so far as I can see this is a Ps-wide issue, not something that’s specific to UXP – but please double check if you have this problem in other fields. See Photoshop 22.5 - Backspace Key Deletes Layers - Windows | Adobe Photoshop Family.

I don’t know the timeline for a fix, but I can’t imagine it’ll be too long before a dot release addresses it.

OK, that’s somewhat of a relief @kerrishotts. The thought of a UXP panel deleting layers unintentionally was worrisome. Glad to at least know it’s not a UXP issue.