This Is Driving Me Crazy

Photoshop Plugin Preventing Key Strokes.

I thought there may be an issue with my created plugin but I can also replicate the issue on a new starter plugin.

Using the UXP Dev tool, create a New Starter Plugin using ps-starter.
When the plugin loads, press the blue button and then try to navigate to say the Brush using B on the keyboard, or M for the Marquee tool or any tool really. Nothing happens.

Another thing I have noticed even with a fresh plugin…
Duplicate the layer a number of time and then press the Blue Populate Layer Button.

Now try to delete the layers using the Keyboard delete key, Nothing happens.

I have tried this on both MAC and Windows 10

Is there some issue at my end or can anyone else replicate this issue ?

Yep. It’s a known issue. It’s been driving me up the wall too.

There’s a thread about keyboard focus here:

The blur approach that Kerri shows is best for Enter and Space Bar. But it’s not going to address this issue.

Thanks @Pierre_G I thought I was going crazy.
Its so annoying and frustrating when you rely on using the keyboard for simple tasks and nothing happens.

Yes! IMHO I have to say sometimes keyboard shortcuts takes quite a big part in a productivity workflow. I have to build at least 4 panels for customers who rely on this workflow quit heavily.
I noticed this keyboard shortcut focus issue since I jumped in the UXP train in October 2020. To this day, I haven’t found a way to come across that. I’m hoping that the Adobe team will look into it and perhaps come up with an option that could consider PS shortcut keys separately from UXP focus :crossed_fingers: