[Possible Windows Bug]--Clicking any button on a UXP plugin inactivates the "F" keyboard shortcut that cycles through various view modes in Photoshop

I filed a bug report with Adobe for the following situation. It was reported by a customer and I can replicate it on Windows but not on Mac.

Problem Description: On Windows computers, clicking any button on a UXP plugin for Photoshop steals focus from Photoshop such that immediately typing the “F” keyboard shortcut to cycle through different view modes does not work properly. You might go to one view mode, but then the cycling stops.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Click a button on any UXP plugin
  2. Immediately afterwards type “F” which is the keyboard shortcut to cycle through Photoshop view modes.

Actual Result: Cycling through view modes with the “F” key keyboard shortcut doesn’t work. You might be able to cycle to one view mode, but then it stops.

Expected Result: Repeatedly typing “F” should cycle through keyboard shortcuts. It shouldn’t stop cycling.

Any Workarounds: Clicking anywhere on the Photoshop workspace restores focus to Photoshop and typing the “F” key once again cycles through Photoshop view modes.

This seems related to a similar issue in the early UXP days described in this post: Clicking any button on any UXP panel inactivates keyboard shortcuts for tools and brush sizes - #34 by Alexandr_Stroganov

Which version(s) of Ps are you using?

It’s present on Ps 23.1.1 and also the pre-release version Ps 23.2.0.

I should also mention that while clicking on something in the Photoshop workspace other than a UXP plugin temporarily restores the cycling behavior of the “F” key, it is persistently interrupted for the entire Photoshop session once it’s happened one time. Restarting Ps is the only way to restore full functionality, and then that persists only so long as you don’t click a UXP plugin button.

Tested some a free plugin from the Marketplace. Theme Switcher causes it too.

Thank you for reporting the issue. Our engineering team is investigating this to see if they can reproduce.

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