Photoshop Seems To Lose Focus ( Bug ?)

I have gone back to basics with this one and created a New Vanilla Plugin.
I just have One Button and One Function.

function test() {
const app = require('photoshop').app
document.getElementById("test").addEventListener("click", test);

Select the Brush Tool in Photoshop B on the keyboard, change the size of the Brush using either [ or ] on the keyboard, so far so good, the brush size changes.

Now… on the newly created panel, press the button go back to Photoshop and try and change the Brush size again using either [ or ]. Nothing happens, in fact no keyboard shortcuts work.

Now, I may be doing something wrong so would appreciate if anyone with more experience like @simonhenke or @ddbell or @kerrishotts could replicate this and see if they get the same results.


This could be related to debugging/dev mode only.

There are focus issues in the current integration; they’re being worked on for future releases. Right now, you need to re-focus Ps in some way to get the shortcuts back. (Switch apps, click on most areas of Ps – not every spot works; not sure why.)

Are you saying “do this out of the panel” rather than trying to figure out how to do it programatically in the panel

There’s no programmatic workaround yet – this is just a way to get around the issue for the user.

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