UXP panels eating up ID keyboard shortcuts?


I started working on very basic UXP plugin based on the starter template but noticed that once clicking on my panel, shortcuts in InDesign no longer work (V, T, but even Ctrl+O etc) - I actively have to click outside of the panel first for them to reactivate. This is happening on Windows BTW, didn’t test on Mac yet.

Again the plugin is very basic so it is definitely not something in my code. Is this a know issue and is there a workaround? This seems like a major concern because typically panels in InDesign don’t really maintain a " model focus" state AFAIK so this seems like quite a usability issue for unaware users. For sure the built-in panels and panels for CEP plugins don’t have this issue.


I faced a similar problem with macOS. From what I could find, it was text fields that were taking away keystrokes on macOS.

By removing the focus from the text field explicitly, InDesign’s keyboard shortcuts were enabled.

Nah that’s not it unfortunately. It is easily reproduced using just the stock starter UXP template, no input involved. Just clicking anywhere on the panel and InDesign shortcuts no longer work on PC.

Just tried on Mac and there it does work fine - so this seems to be a bug (?) on PC only

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