Basic stuff?

Will the basic stuff from Vuejs - Introduction work “out of the box”?

Yes, you can use VueJS to create interfaces for plugins. The setup is a bit special, and I recommend that you use the starter-template for Adobe XD Plugins that you can find on Github:

This takes care of the build process and you can pretty much develop regular Vue components.

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Thanks! Is it only components, or can you use it in a more basic manner too?

Acually, I can learn how to work with components, no stress =)

Of course you can skip components and simply use Vue for data bindings and event handling. With the setup provided in the repository you can then also import the XD APIs into your main component and mess around with XD from there. If you’ve never worked with a Vue CLI (Webpack etc.) setup, it might not be super easy to understand how things work together. Might need a short tutorial :wink: