Best IDE and/or how to configure IDE for Adobe XD

I am trying to get some auto-complete setup in my IDE for Adobe XD. I am using Webstorm, Visual Code and Sublime Text 3 to code Adobe XD Plugins. The only thing that bothers me is that i do not have any autocompletion. I cannot predict what methods and properties are available to me etc. Is there way to configure the IDE mentioned here to best work with Adobe XD plugins. or an overall IDE that works best?

any help would be great. thank you!

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Sorry, I currently don’t have the time to write a more extensive answer, but here are some pointers into the right directions (in the hope that this already helps you). Besides that, I’ll elaborate on the answer a bit more in a few days when I have a bit more time…

To get autocompletion, you can use the Typescript Definitions (Typings) of the XD APIs, which are hosted in this GitHub repository:

It also discusses how it can be included in VSCode and WebStorm (even though there are also “newer” ways of doing it.

A few more details are also included in this thread about the topic: Adding autocompletion and linting in editors and IDEs

Personally, I usually use WebStorm with a project structure based on my open-source boilerplate, cf.

I hope this already helps :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks so much, i placed the jsconfig.json and type folder in the root of my projects and it worked well with Webstorm.

I had to use the latest version of nodeJS & NPM version in order for it to work. I was using node v10.14.0 and i was having weird issues

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