XD Typings for Typescript projects

I was just wondering if there is any plan to update/maintain the Typescript typings found here: GitHub - AdobeXD/typings: Typings for Adobe XD API Surfaces . It looks like there haven’t been any updates for 2 years and I have already found some properties that are not in these typings such as the assetId on an ImageFill. Any info on this would be helpful thanks!


Hi there!

So, the XD TypeScript typings repo is community-founded and maintained, and technically that is still true. I say “technically” in that @pklaschka began the repo, and then was hired as a Working Student by Adobe.

Some of the newer APIs are not yet covered. Pablo does have plans to review and accept some outstanding pull requests, but basically, the repo isn’t maintained by the XD team.


Thanks for the info. Can I assume then that the documentation on https://developer.adobe.com/xd/uxp/develop/reference/ is also up to date?

That is supposed to be the latest documentation, but sometimes we’re a little behind schedule updating it. Do let us know if there’s a specific issue that needs fixing!