Best practice, for connecting with web-app

Hey there,
I’m currently developing a photshop plugin, which allows users to upload their designs directly to my web-app, where the users have an account, which is secured by an email and password (abridged version).
This means, users have to log into my plugin, with the account from the web-app, and get a token, which is then sent to my servers.
I’m wondering what the best practice is for logging a user in, I currently see two ways:

  1. Integrate a login form into the plugin itself, send it to my server, return a JWT, and save it in the PS storage
  2. Implement an OAuth flow, meaning my web-app is opened in the browser, the user can login, and the token is saved in the PS storage

Is there a prefered way of doing this? Personally I favor option 1, as it is easier to implement on my end.