Bridge? Lightroom

Hello together,

Is there any info or roadmap what will happen to extendscript in Adobe Bridge? What about Lightroom? Will Lua stay forever? :slight_smile:

I suspect that ExtendScript will stay in Bridge for a while.

As for Lua and Lightroom Classic (vs. Lightroom regular) I’ll have to ask their teams…

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Thank you so much Erin,
i’m coming from CEP and i need to decide if i will go the UXP (PS) or LUA (LR) way for the next big project. A bit of information how future proof LUA still is would be very helpful.

The PM of Lightroom Classic tells me that Lua isn’t going anywhere for a while!

If you’re trying to future-proof, you’ll probably want to find a way to get UXP and Lua to work together…