CEP - Is there and end of road planned in Photoshop yet?

Is there any decision made on when CEP will be removed in Photoshop for Intel Mac and Windows? Or is that going to happen at all?

For my plugins, I am already converted to UXP but there are quite a few users still use the CEP panels instead of the new UXP versions. So just wondering if the CEP panels will eventually disappear on Windows and Intel Mac on a future Photoshop update like they did on M1. In my case that wouldn’t break my heart :slight_smile:

However, I realize a lot of people are still using CEP so maybe it is staying around for a while?

Anyway, just curious on the road map is all.

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The Photoshop team has not provided an end date yet for CEP on Intel.

Or is that going to happen at all?

They have confirmed that it is definitely going to happen.


Hi @ddbell, is the issue for your plugin that your users still use the older CEP instead the newer UXP version of your plugin? Some may need to stay back if they are on a (very) old Photoshop version that did not support UXP. Other than that you can always also retract an old version from Exchange.
Can you share a link to your plugins? Couldn´t find them under your name


Yes, that is correct, I’m just trying to get the user base using the UXP versions. My old CEP plugins are not on the exchange. I distributed installers for them through my website. My new installers are all for UXP. Some people use the CEP versions even on newer PS releases. Anyway, it’s not a huge issue. I was just curious if there was an end of road defined.

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