Plugin Performance on Windows vs Mac

I just made my first plugin with the UXP API. It works on both the latest version of Windows and Mac and Photoshop. On Windows though it takes about 10 times longer. It’s not a hardware issue, unless the m1 laptop is that much better. The windows is basically a new gaming machine so it should have enough horsepower. Is there anything I need to do to optimize my code for windows. Just fyi, the files sizes aren’t really that big either, just a lot of layer nudging after opening coping and pasting.

Was just hoping for some suggestions.

DevTools has a built-in profiler. You can check where it spends most of the time.

It’s hard to say what the issue is specifically without seeing some code. It’s possible that Ps isn’t using your GPU very effectively, or that your Windows install of Ps doesn’t hvae the same RAM/scratch configuration, which could definitely impact performance.

That said, M1 is pretty awesome. :wink: (But 10x seems a bit excessive.)

Thanks ill check that out

I solved it(by pure luck). Here’s what was happening, only on multiple windows machines, (not my Mac) My plugin has one button, click it, it opens the file dialogue to pick a folder. On windows when you chose ok for the folder it opened up another dialogue box behind the photoshop window. So I changed my event listener from click to mouseup, and it solved the issue.