Plugin load timed out

Hi everyone

I’m having an issue while trying to load a couple plugins on an M1 mac.
Both load fine on windows machines but when trying to load on mac I get the following error:

Any suggestions?

Issues is the same when trying Photoshop 24.3.0 (Beta) and 24.1.1

Many thanks

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:thinking: It may sound old fashioned, but does it happen after restarting the machine?

Are you on the 1.7.0 version of UDT?

Hi Erin

Thanks for the suggestions.

I tried restarting but no luck.

I’m running UDT 1.7.0

Are there any logs I could check for more info?

Many thanks!

Also I just tried to create a plugin test plugin from UDT and it loaded fine.
One thing I noticed is that the manifest version is 4, an the plugin I’m loading is v5.

Is it the case that manifest v5 works on windows and not on M1 yet?