"plugin load failed" for newly created and added plugins

Good day!
I am new here and with UXP Developer Tool, so it seems likely that I am overlooking something basic.
I seem to get »Plugin Load Failed« for everything, newly created plugins or added sample plugins.

As for trouble-shooting I restarted the computer and reinstalled UXP Developer Tool so far.

UXP Developer Tool on MacOS 13.2.1, Photoshop 24.4.1 (»Enable Developer Mode« checked)

Thanks for any advice.



Have you modified the inside of the manifest file?


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Thank you for checking into this.
There is no maxVersion in the manifest.json so far.
Screenshot 2023-04-22 at 13.52.11

Edit: Sorry, I did not actually answer your question.
No, I hadn’t edited the manifest.


I would also recommend writing maxVersion.
Try to set the manifest version to 5 as well.

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Thanks again!
With the example manifest (with amended id, name and maxVersion) I cannot load the plugin in UXP Developer Tool.
Screenshot 2023-04-22 at 14.06.58

A newly created plugin with edited manifest can be loaded in UXP Developer Tool but fails to load in Photoshop just the same.

Thank you for your time!

I apologise … the issue appears to have been very basic indeed.
I had stored the plugins on an external drive, on a local drive they work.

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I am glad it was resolved! :+1:

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Thank you for taking the time!
Have a good weekend! (If it applies …)

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