Going through Quickstart guide to make new plugin but getting Plugin Error on load

Hi there,

I’m going through the quick-start tutorial (https://www.adobe.io/xd/uxp/develop/tutorials/quick-start/) to make my very first plugin. I can see it in the XD plugins menu but get the following loading error when I try to use it (image attached) and have no idea why.

I’ve checked the content of the manifest and index file- both are exactly the same as in the tutorial, the only thing I’ve updated was adding my plugin id. I’m not quite sure what to do. Thanks for any help in advance!!

Screen Shot 2021-08-19 at 1.44.24 PM

Are you using the UXP Developer Tool to load the plugin? You may get more information in the UDT debug console as to why the plugin is failing to load.

Also, feel free to share a zip or ccx of your plugin (if you don’t want to share widely, DM me), so that we can take a look.

I’m not sure if I’m using the UXP Dev Tool. I just followed the tutorials exactly- it was a little confusing as some things were out of date and things seem to have changed, but I just installed XD, CC and Developer Console just beforehand. Brand new to this so literally trying to wrap my head around the ecosystem :sweat_smile: I tried to upload the zipped file but it says new users are not able to, so lemme try to DM it to you! Thank you Kerri!

Sorry Kerri, I can’t figure out how to DM you! I checked your profile as well as my messages section and can’t find anything. Is this disabled for new users?

If you could try again – I just raised your levels on the admin side.

In your DM’d package, I see index.js rather than main.js. While you can tell XD to load from other files, the default is main.js and you have to ask XD to load from any other location.

When I rename index.js to main.js, the plugin loads successfully for me.

arghhhhh thank you so much!! I completely missed that :woman_facepalming: Appreciate your very quick trouble shooting, Kerri!!!

No worries! Glad I was able to help. :slight_smile:

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