XD Plugin Samples with React don't load in the UXP Developer Tools

I was trying to develop a react plugin for XD based on the github samples, but they seem to be incompatible with UXP developer tools. Is there anyway to debug React XD plugins with a console outside of the UXP tool?


Repro Steps-

  • clone the repo
  • npm install - no issues
  • npm build (or watch) - both compile to ./main.js fine.
  • UXP > add plugin > pick the manifest.json
  • UXP > Quickstart React > Load
  • Error - No information about the error. Wish I could get some information as to why it doesn’t load. …

It seems to still run in XD if placed in the plugins folder. The problem seems to be UXP. Any solutions or workarounds?


I have the same problem.

My plugin fails to load in UXP, with no specific error other than “Plugin Load Failed”. Haven’t changed anything since my latest release, where it was obviously working.

Windows 10 Pro 21H1 19043.1387

For anyone else that might find this, the older version of chrome debugging still works: Debugging plugins · Adobe XD Plugin Reference. And it doesn’t say this in the docs, but refresh (Cmd+R) in the chrome devtools window to refresh the console. Don’t refresh from XD (Cmd+Shift+R) or the devtools will disconnect.

@arniebradfo are you able to load the plugins from the Plugins folder only?

I’m trying to load a completely empty “starter plugin” for XD in UXP and it just fails to load completely. I use UXP Dev Tools template when creating a new plugin.


@sebbe Yes. it has to be in the XD/develop folder. Find it under the XD menu Plugins>Development>ShowDevelopFolder(Legacy).