UXP won't load newly created plugin

I tried to load newly created plugin.

  • Clicking “Details” does nothing
  • In “Help” there’s no information how to troubleshoot such errors.

UXP Developer tool


Which app are you trying to load a plugin into? XD or Photoshop?

Thanks Kerri. I already found what cousing the problem. The manifest file was in wrong location after using the “Create plugin” dialog. However, the “Details” button still don’t work.

Btw. In the early release it was possible to use VS Code and “Debugger for Chrome” for debugging UXP panels. Is it still possible? If yes, then on which port it is listening?


Glad you got it sorted. (@Sujai FYI about the details button not working)

UDT is the only mechanism for debugging plugins – this is because we bundle the CDT w/ the tool instead of relying on the version of Chrome that you might have installed (doing so can cause debugging to fail if the protocol changes unexpectedly).

@Bartek when you click on details button, it basically would open the logs panel. The reason for failure if available would be listed in the logs panel(UDT Logs or Host Logs). Since you already have this panel open, if might appears that no new action is taken when you click on the details button. Is this the case?

Also, we are working on adding more useful information to logs rather that just say plugin load failed