Plugin not loading for new file

The plugin panels opens blank and refuses to load any content when creating a new file. I noticed this on our complicated panel plugin so I reproduced it on a very simple panel plugin (just a <h1>) and I’ve attached the repro video and plugin below. The chrome inspect view does show the correct HTML elements but they’re not displaying in XD.

The steps to reproduce just seem to be creating a new file and 80% of the time the panel will be blank. As I’m using a development plugin, using “Reload Plugins” does fix the problem, but that’s not an option with production plugins.

XD version:
OS: MacOS Big Sur 11.1

Simple plugin: (6.5 KB)


@DavidXD ^^^^ (Sounds familiar to another issue with panels not loading – did that get into XD 36.2 or is it coming for 37?)

Thank you for letting us know about this issue and for providing a simple test plugin. That makes it a lot easier for us to investigate. I was able to reproduce the problem on my Mac and logged a new bug with our team. As @kerrishotts stated, this is similar to another known bug that we have scheduled to be fixed in XD 37.

Is this the same bug that sometimes causes a plugin to go completely disabled until re-installed?

That one’s only scheduled to be fixed in an XD 37.1 hotfix…

Ah good, thanks for the response. Any estimates when 37 will ship?

Hi @DavidXD Thanks for the info, I’m just following up on an ETA for XD 37.

37.1.32 is rolling out today. If you don’t see it in your Creative Cloud App, go to Updates tab, click on •••, then “Check for Updates”.

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And, to confirm, this includes the fix for the plugins that are disabled until re-installed that someone at Adobe reported to me?

That was my understanding.