Greetings from Alaska!

Hi, I’m Ryan, a small time commercial photographer based in Alaska. I’ve been using Photoshop since late 90’s and it amazes me at how much I’m able to still learn. Learning to write my teams own plugin has been my next big venture within Adobe Photoshop. I have put together a CEP plugin with the help of tutorials written by @DavideBarranca and aids like Script Listener.

I do not consider myself a programmer by any stretch of the imagination and I am always trying to find ways around my handicap of understanding lines of gibberish to get my desired outcome.

The reason I have dived into plugin creation has been for my team to remain consistent in the workflow I established over the years. This has enabled our images to have our signature consistency and I am super thankful that Adobe has allowed an amateur like myself to dip my toe in.

I apologize ahead of time if I may post a question that seems as though I do not belong, trust me, I already feel that way, but while I certainly enjoy the ability to rack my brain to frustration, walk away still thinking about the problem, searching for solutions in my sleep, waking up to try out some different approach … it is a breath of fresh air to have input and help from another person.

Anyway, long enough intro from me. Thanks for the platform Adobe and thanks to anyone who puts up with me in the future :slight_smile:

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I thought I’d reply here rather than in the other thread:
I was just like you three-odd years ago: didn’t know a jot of JavaScript but had a clear vision of how I could streamline my team’s efficiency with a CEP panel.
Likewise, I also found @DavideBarranca’s book utterly invaluable (except perhaps as a tax-deductible!), but despite managing to build a pretty extensive CEP panel I had only learned the JS I needed, and let alone much of it actually being ECMA3, so when I sat down to write some JS outside of CEP I found it incredibly hard.

The big leap for me before getting started with UXP was sitting down and learning ES6 JS and clearing out some of the old CEP ways from my brain.
There are absolutely shed loads of free resources online, but I found this course really good:
Udemy JavaScript Course
(Which I note is currently on sale - but Udemy do sales all the time. I’ve never paid more than £15 for anything on there)

But yeah, if you’re lying in bed trying to mentally figure out code then you’re halfway there already! :rofl:

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I purchased and am working my way through the course you listed. I am lacking certain basic knowledge and only making things work by an assortment of puzzle solving via cheats and shortcuts lol.

I really appreciate your time.