Sef from Portland, OR, USA

Hello my friends. I just found my way here via the incredibly inspiring Digital Partner Days conference that all of these adobe folks here (and more probably) deserve a big round of applause and recognition for making such a cool event. Thank you guys, that was a quality event and it showed.

I am not a programmer, but I design plugins for photoshop with the help of people far smarter than me. (Thanks @anil.tejwani :slight_smile: ) I have been a photoshop professional for a very long time in commercial art for the ad industry. Over the last 5-6 years I’ve transitioned primarily to teaching, making original creative content, and making tools to help other artists.

I’m excited to see the shift adobe is making to support and actively invest in 3rd party digital partners. We’re preparing to move our existing CEP products into UXP, and will definitely appreciate the support of this community. Thank you all for being here. It’d be hella lonely if you weren’t :slight_smile: