Hi! Rico, from Sweden here :)

Hello there! And how nice it is to have finally discovered this place after the superb Digital Partner Days conference. Thank you all who organised it!

I still have incredible feelings of imposter syndrome despite having a pretty successful few CEP panels over the last few years. I think it’'s mainly because I’m an artist, therefore I’m just pretending to code. In reality it’s because most of the scripting/coding I do is pipeline/shot/assett management stuff in Maya/Python so web/JS etc is realitively alien to me.
But challenges! When you have a burning idea for a great plugin it’s easy to be motivated to learn the tools needed to get it done. Having said that, it’s definitely a wee bit of a challenge.

My learning curve would have fallen off a cliff in the past if @DavideBarranca hadn’t been there when most needed, so endless thanks to you Davide!

Currently trying to cross my most sucessful CEP panel* over to UXP. So far I’m still in diapers here, but wish me luck folks: I might just find the help I need along the way here :slight_smile:

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Hi Rico,

Welcome to the forums :wave: :slightly_smiling_face: !

I think imposter syndrome is just a natural part of the fun of developing plugins (or maybe products in general?) :sweat_smile: . But that’s also the thing I always find amazing about plugin development: The gap between “small” plugin developers and bigger companies developing plugins is a lot smaller: It doesn’t matter so much who you are when you have a feature you’re missing that you want to develop as a plugin.

I’ll try my best to help out wherever I can :wink: .

Happy coding (and embracing imposter syndrome),

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Thank you Pablo…(and for the superb presentation on the workshop days)

it feels good to have the imposter syndrome confession “out there” :slight_smile:

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Hi Rico, nice to find you here and thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
I’m currently working on a UXP/React course, so I hope I’ll be able to help more soon! :sweat_smile:
Soon-ish… I’m doing my best but boy it’s hot in Italy and typing on my old laptop makes my wrists :fire:!
See you around!


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