Hi, I am Anil Tejwani, from India

Hi Everyone,

I am Anil, a Web developer for couple of decades and CEP panel developer/scripter for more than 6 years. Previously worked for Ubisoft (Abu Dhabi), as in-house Adobe Tools Developer.

My published CEP panels can be viewed at Creative Cloud (I hope its not against TOS to post adobe exchange link here, if it is, I apologies)

Am planning to convert all of them to UXP plugins but will take time. As and when new things are exposed in UXP, things will fall in place.

I have seen @DavideBarranca videos/blogs on CEP and UXP and would like to thank him for all his contributions.

Special thanks to @sefmccullough to get me into this community.

Looking forward to learn and help where ever possible.

Have a nice and safe day everyone!


Welcome to the forums, @anil.tejwani :wave: :slightly_smiling_face: !

No worries. While I don’t know the rules inside out, I’m pretty sure it’s quite alright to share what you do/did (or, at least, a lot of folks would need to get banned from the forums if that wasn’t ok) :wink:

Happy coding :nerd_face: ,

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Welcome to this forum, Anil! I wish you good luck with converting your plugins.


Hi Anil! Welcome!!

As an Admin I’m going to say posting your Exchange link is totally fine - maybe even encouraged! :+1:

If you feel inspired to do so, please write blog posts, guides, or make videos about your migration process (even a podcast, potentially!). I’m more than happy to promote that kind of material and publish it on the Adobe Tech Blog. (There are even some funds set aside for creating such technical resources…)


@Erin_Finnegan just now seeing this comment - that’s great to hear I’ll get in touch with you directly on content creation.