Hi I'm Ben, creator of the ProStacker extension

Hi everyone my name’s Ben. My background is as a CGI Artist mostly doing automotive visualisation but I’ve been learning Javascript for about a year now and recently released my first Photoshop CEP extension called ProStacker. You can see a quick overview of it here:

Clearly my timing is excellent as I’ve released it just as Adobe is calling last orders on CEP development :sweat_smile: but I’m really excited to join the community and am looking forward to learning UXP as I rewrite ProStacker sometime in the next year.

I do have a few questions regarding the Adobe Exchange and the shift from CEP to UXP development but I’ll save them for another post. For now I just wanted to say hi!

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Hi there & what a cool plugin :slight_smile: I didn’t see anything in there that you shouldn’t be able to do w/ UXP (except UI animations) and Photoshop (but you’ll need to learn batchPlay for now). Looking forward to your questions!

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