Hello! I'm Rammy :)

Hi folks!

I’m Anthony Ramirez, but you can call me Rammy.

I’m a developer at Scorpion Internet Marketing. I’ve got about a decade of experience with Javascript, HTML and CSS, along with several years of experience in C# and SQL.

Most recently, I built an application to help automate some activities in Photoshop, and currently maintain an in-house plugin that lets our designers modify images and add them directly to our clients’ websites.

My next big project will be trying to convert that plugin to using XD instead, since our designers love it!

Excited to be here! :grin:


Hi Rammy,

welcome to the forums :wave:. Thank you for taking the time to write a short introduction :+1:.

Happy coding,

Welcome Rammy!

I’m curious: what Photoshop APIs did you use to build your extensions? CEP, ExtendScript, C++ SDK, other?

I’d love to hear more about your process porting your Photoshop extension to an XD plugin.

If you’re interested, here’s a great blog post on the Adobe Tech Blog by @plugisto who has already made that leap:

I’ve got a couple of things going on!

Forgive me if I goof the acronyms, or if I say anything confusing, as it’s all one big connected web of logic in my head. haha

I’ve actually got two main extensions to help improve our designers’ workflow:
One which takes advantage of the Photoshop Type Library (which I added as a reference to my C# application) and uses the COM interface to give commands directly to Photoshop and automate a few administrative steps. This is basically just taking some common, repetitive inputs and pre-setting up files before a user accesses them later in their workflow.

Then I’ve got a front-end CEP HTML panel, which connects and communicates with a couple of JSX files behind the scenes in my custom plugin in order to create a little helper that connects the designer directly to the project they’re working on (and various database-related activities). We list out assets they’re working on, give them the ability to sync individual images to the web as they are working, and to store their PSD in a local, secure repo without having to manage it themselves.

Currently, I’m trying to take any parts of that I can and separate all of the more specialized photo manipulation pieces from the more general layout, structure and UI components of any given design. So basically, if I can let them do it in XD, I want them to be able to! They love XD, so why not, right? :slight_smile: Then anything else they could pop over to PS, do their edits, and pop right back. I’m in SUPER early stages of this, and I see some functionality I want from the API that’s still on the roadmap, so it’ll be a bit I think before I get to roll out everything I want. haha

Hope that answers the question!

As for that post, I laughed out loud at this:

What challenges did you face bringing Arranger to Illustrator and InDesign?
If I have to reduce it to one line of code it would be this:
csInterface.evalScript(‘arrangeRadial(‘ + JSON.stringify(obj) + ‘)’);

Davide Barranca is a hero, in my eyes. Months of time saved from that guy :slight_smile: We ended up building a pretty slick little execution flow to deal with that EXACT problem. haha