UXP Scripting for Photoshop is live!

Scripting Powered by UXP in Photoshop

UXP Scripting is currently available in Photoshop v23.5. Read more about it on the Adobe Tech Blog, or read the documentation.

I’ve created a scripting tag in this forum for UXP scripting discussions.

Office Hours Today

Join us for office hours session later today to talk about UXP scripting! Check out our full list of office hours sessions for the year here.

If you miss today’s office hours, we’re planning a meet-up in September as well.

Photoshop Developer Meetup, Sept 8

Quoting @Ingo:

The Photoshop Team is releasing new DOM APIs for UXP plugins and they want to share their roadmap. If you’ve got questions about UXP scripting in Photoshop, or hybrid C++ UXP plugins, be sure to attend this meetup for Photoshop developers!


I’m running the following script:

const showAlert = require('photoshop').core.showAlert;

showAlert("Hello world!!!");
showAlert("Hello world, again!!!");

Only the first alert shows up in Ps. The second one never appears after I click “OK” to close the first one.

what if you add await ?

Yes, of course, that works. Sometimes I just need reminding about that. Thanks @Jarda! Now I can keep experimenting with scripts.

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Yes sometimes I wish myself that VSCode could remind me by itself :smiley: Maybe there is something but I did not figure this out yet.

Question: will PSJS replace JSX in the near future? Or will there be both?

Hi! Welcome!

No, PSJS will not replace JSX in the near future. But it likely will eventually, after several years time. Until then, both will be supported.


Good news :slight_smile: thanks, Erin!

Join us for the developer meetup on DOM API updates and UXP scriping in 30min from now: Adobe Photoshop Developer Meetup - Sep 08 | Hopin