Photoshop scripts and Script Listener Plugin vs UXP

Beside existing CEP extensions, that might have to be migrated to UXP in the next years, I wonder if there will be a change for the ordinary Photoshop scripts, which you run via File/Scripts menu in Photoshop. Will those scripts remain in the “old” ExtendScript, or will there be change to new JS from UXP over time?
I think those ordinary scripts are the major part of Photoshop automation in the field.

A solid base for scripting “unscriptable” functionalities in Photoshop is the Script Listener Plugin. Will there be an adaption of the Script Listener Plugin to get new UXP Code?

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Hello, I created a plugin that can do the same features as “Script Listener Plugin” and much more.


Thanks a lot. Looks great. I will give it a try. :grinning: :+1:
Do you think the normal Photoshop scripts “jsx” will remain in old ExtendScript or will there be a change to new UXP Syntax in the future?

It will be removed in the distant future and there won’t be new development. Anyway, I am also working on polyfill for ExScript AM code in UXP. So you wouldn’t need to do changes in code with a bit of luck.


Is it possible to enable Listener run a Photoshop Action and then copy all output unto a function in my UXP Panel ?

In the UXP Panel index.js I have a function called CreateFrame and was wondering if you can copy all the code from the Output Listener into this function which would be called from a button click.

function CreateFrame() {


Sure. Just record what you want, then select all actions you want to have in generated code. Go into the Code tab and copy text.

You can also replay those selected actions. Anyway, its reply won’t be replay-able.