Executing legacy ExtendScripts from UXP

We have a bunch of legacy ExtendScripts and it is not feasible for us to upgrade them. I want to build a basic UXP plugin with some buttons for calling them.

Is it possible to execute ExtendScripts from a UXP plugin. I know I can do this via CEP.

I’m afraid you can’t call them from UXP:

The only workaround would be to create photoshop actions that run the scripts from the actions. Then have UXP play the actions. This isn’t a good method if you had to distribute the UXP plugin because the actions would be set to run the scripts from a specific file location on your computer. However, if it is just needed for in house use then this is a viable way to run the extendScript.

Thank you, I may do that because this is only needed for in house.

I’d suggest migrating them slowly regardless. I can’t vouch for how long ExtendScript will stay around after CEP’s deprecation. If you start now, you’ll be better prepared for a future where ES may no longer exist.

Is CC 2021 the end of the road for CEP? Or will it be around for at least one more version in CC 2022?

CEP 11 is coming to every app later this year - except Photoshop. UXP isn’t integrated far enough into other the other Creative Cloud apps yet. Photoshop for Apple silicon has already dropped CEP, in the interest of speed. CEP will continue to run in Photoshop in Rosetta 2 mode.

I already know about CEP in Apple M1. Specifically, with regards to Photoshop CC 2022, will it be the same exact compatibility as CC 2021 with windows and Intel Mac intel both supporting CEP in CC 2022? Or is Photoshop CC 2021 the last version to support CEP?

That’s the plan, as I understand it. However, internally we’re waiting on some clarification from the Photoshop team…

Ouch… needing to have everything fully converted to UXP by this October is a tough timeline to meet, especially since there are still some bugs and unfinished features in UXP that I’m waiting on in order to complete my last 2 programs. It is what it is I guess. I’ll just have to adapt and make due even it it means some compromises to the first UXP releases on the next conversions.

That’s not 100% clear yet. We’ll keep you up to date!

I’ve heard from the CEP team and the Photoshop team, and it looks like Photoshop will need to pick up CEP 11 (for Intel processors only) for security reasons, because of the CEF update. However, I haven’t got a firm commitment there. That’s just the direction the wind is blowing, so to speak.