Can I consider Angular for UXP plugin work instead of React

Reading through the first steps of the UXP Developer Tool, I’ve come across the PS react starter template.
React and Angular have some correlation and as I’m reasonably comfortable with Angular and Typescript
would it be even possible to consider Angular for my UXP Plugin work?
I mean would have to figure out the do’s and don’t to make it work and would be fun to share some workflows tips along the way.

Any pointers would help.

I believe some developers have been able to get Angular to work, but I’m not sure of all the steps required (I’m not fluent in Angular). A lot boils down to (IIRC) the limitation on code generation from strings (no eval), which Angular may not like. IIRC, Vue has issues here too, but can be configured to work around it. Also, if Angular is relying on certain browser APIs that UXP doesn’t support, you may need to supply shims/polyfills and the like.

If you do get it working, I’m sure the community would love to hear how, and any caveats you run into!

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Good enough to know that some developers are experimenting with Angular successfully. I could definitely figure these kinks out and not disregard it completely. Thank you @kerrishotts for these pointers. I’ll make a note of these. The moment I get some life into it I’ll make sure to share the findings here.

While developing plugin using Angular I didn’t face any limitations except XD specific components behavior like broken layout or events. I had to override several global functions and navigation (as you don’t have window.href object) but in general it works :slight_smile:

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Great, thank you @gdreyv for sharing. I’ll check the GitHub link you’ve mentioned in another post.