XD & Angular

My company has XD prototype designs and our developer use Angular. Is there a process, plugin or extension to more easily migrate from designs to code starting with Adobe XD?

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Hi Bill,

Welcome to these forums! They are for developers of plugins and extensions for Adobe XD and other Adobe software. If you’re just a user of Adobe XD, then you might have better luck asking on the forums at https://community.adobe.com/t5/adobe-xd/bd-p/xd?page=1&sort=latest_replies&filter=all

You wrote that your company “has XD prototype designs” but you didn’t say if they are

  • designs for XD plugins, or
  • designs for some other platform where Angular can be used (e.g. the web, an Electron app), which were created using Adobe XD.

If it’s the first case, then I don’t think there is anything specifically for that, but the tools for the second case might be able to help a bit. XD plugins are usually coded using vanilla JS or React.

If it’s the second case, then there are several XD plugins which can export an XD design to HTML and CSS (and maybe some JS), but I don’t know if any of them with generate Angular code. The following article lists a few options, and there are probably more: https://letsxd.com/guides/export-xd-to-html-css-plugins

Hi Bill,

I design in XD and, develop with Angular too. Now thinking of building a plugin that can migrate designs to Angular code but i need to be sure if people really want it.