Design kit for adobexd (design xd plugin with xd)?

I’m working on an AdobeXD plugin and wanted to know if anyone happened to have a design kit already design for the AdobeXD app that I can use in my artboards?

Currently I’m trying to use screenshots and design over that and it ends up being super blurry when I export to a prototype. Sample from the XD published prototype attached below.



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Are you asking about changing the design of the UI components in your plugin?

Or are you talking about the UI on the artboard? If so in the File there is a new menu item Get UI Kits > that links to UI Kits you can download. These use vectors so when you resize or export they will stay sharp.

If you are talking about the UI components in the plugin I think there are two themes you can use right now. The default and a quite theme. If you want the quiet theme then when you create your UI component set "myInput.uxpQuiet = true;".

On the examples page on Github search for uxpQuiet and you will see examples changing the theme.

If you use your own images in the plugin it shouldn’t be blurry. Make sure the width and height of your image in the plugin match the actual width and height of your image and that it’s not positioned on a half pixel.

The UI on the artboard is a mock of something I’m demonstrating. The screenshot is from a published prototype.

I was interested if there was a design kit (or even vector files) of the adobe XD application itself. So I could have a mock view of the adobe XD app with my content inside (similar to how there are vector and design files for chrome browser so you can show app and content)

I don’t know of any.

You probably already aware that if you are on Mac you can use Command + Shift + 4 (optionally + CTRL) and then click on the app window to take a snapshot. Then you can find the screen shot and drag it into the artboard. Or if you held down the CTRL key it was copied to the clipboard. You can then paste it from the clipboard into your artboard.

Yeah, that was the only method I’m aware of and currently using but it’s causing the published prototype to be really blurry compared to the rest of the actual mocked content. I couldn’t find a way to make the screenshot content look sharper

Hey – we’ve got an early version we released to the focus group a while back. That might suffice until we have something a bit more current. I’ll see if I can dig it up.

That would be awesome. Also to better explain my use case, I’m developing a commercial plug-in for my startup and performing ux research.

The XD plug-in is a significant part of the solution and we are trying to quickly iterate prototypes and test solutions (instead of trying to code it out yet).

I have it here. With your permission, I’d be happy to post it here (I won’t do it without permission due to the NDA, of course) :wink:

Feel free to share, Pablo. Permission granted :slight_smile:

Thanks @pklaschka and @kerrishotts. As a heads up I was also able to get a copy from Talin

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