Why rejected my xd plugin distribute?

I’ve developed an adobe xd plugin that I want to distribute to the adobe xd plugin store.You rejected me.I’d like to know the reason for the refusal.

Hi @rony-land! Sorry to hear you got a rejection.

I’d be very surprised if you didn’t get an email providing an explanation as to why. What’s your plugin name and plugin ID?

Separately, our submission checklist is here. It provides details about what the team is looking at when they review plugins. It would be a worth having a look if you haven’t already.


I haven’t received any mail from you.My plugin ID is 5148e344 and plugin name is PPdesign UIKit.

Thanks! I’m checking in with the team.

The team sent you a message on Friday detailing reasons for the rejection. I’ve asked them to resend. Perhaps keep an eye on your spam folder.

You can also reach out to ccintrev@adobe.com, and they can provide the message as a direct response.

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I just saw your email, thank you very much! I will revise it according to your requirements before submitting.

This is the test file of my XD plugin, you can open this design file to review my XD plugin.
WeGame-UIKit-2019-1006.xd (1020.6 KB)

You are slow to review the plugin submission, which usually takes 2 working days to produce a result. Could you speed up the review?

I’m sorry to hear you feel the process as been slow. The first review was completed within 2 days, but given that the email wasn’t delivered on your end, it must have felt slower than it was. I’m not aware of email delivery being a systematic problem with the review process, but I will keep an eye on it. (If you can provide any details from your side, like whether the first message ended up in your spam folder, that would be helpful.)

One thing that will definitely slow things down is communicating on the forums about your review case. It’s better to communicate directly with the review team via email (that email address is available in the I/O Console, in the submission confirmation email, and I also provided it above).

I happened to speak with the team this morning (EST) and they mentioned they had already reviewed your second submission and would be reaching out again soon (result should be < 1 day).

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Please respond to the email with your questions. :blush: The review team knows the specifics of your case and where further clarifications are needed, they will provide them.

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As @ashryan mentioned, you should probably ask the review team via email about this, but since you mentioned previously that the plugin name was

and your manifest.json states that the plugin name is

XD[Prosumably Chinese letters] Color Assets Management 

it might be this difference that, in this case, lead to rejection. This, however, is only speculation on my part.

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Thank you for your answers. I have modified it according to your requirement and submitted it again. Could you please review it again?

As @ashryan has mentioned, you’re better off not bringing up submission stuff in this forum, but just through the submission process.

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The plugin I submitted yesterday has passed your review.Thank you very much for passing my plugin review.
But I noticed that in Adobe XD version 28 the “discover plugins” menu options have been removed.
Where can I search for plugin?

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I have solved the problem. The reason is that the region I chose for my previous account was China. When I register a new account and select the US region, I can see the menu options for browsing the plugin.

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