More tips on how to successfully go through the approvals process

First, thanks for creating such amazing plugins. The XD ecosystem is lucky to have each and every one of you. By this point, you’ve hopefully submitted your plugin, but may have received some rejections, or had questions about what certain things mean. Here are some tips from Kerri and Ash that should help out.

Before we dive in - we’re actively working on improving the submission process to improve the flow, validation handing, and error messages you receive. We’re working towards some improvements to the service after MAX.

Double check your manifest ID and Name.

  • In your manifest, make sure your id matches the plugin ID given on, or the ID given to you by Drew and team.
  • If your ID doesn’t match, you’ll be rejected with something along the lines of “Plugin ID mismatch”.
  • In your manifest, make sure your plugin name matches the name on
    • If the name doesn’t match, you’ll also be rejected with “Plugin Name mismatch”.

Watch those version numbers.

  • Every version in the manifest is being restricted to “major”.”minor”.”patch”. Each part should be between 0 and 99 (no more than two digits). If you don’t follow this form, your submission will be rejected.
  • For your own plugin’s version:
  • The version number must be between 0.0.1 and 99.99.99 .
  • Be sure to bump your version number each time your submit your plugin to us. This will avoid any rejection due to your plugin version being the same as the last submission.
  • For the minimum XD version (and maximum, if provided):
    • The version number should be three parts as well. We suggest using 13.0.0 .
    • XD versions are, themselves, four-part versions. Don’t include the fourth part.

Package your files.
Although XD will let you install a plugin bundle generated by compressing a folder, there are very specific requirements for that bundle to pass the approvals process. Instead, follow these steps to ensure that the bundle is accepted:

  • Compress files instead of the top-level folder.
  • Rename your archive to an .xdx file.
  • Be sure to omit any files your user doesn’t need — size is important here. There’s a 25mb limit.

Successful Manifest Example
Here’s one of the manifests that has made it all the way through the submission process:

  "id": "********",
  "name": "Rename it",
  "version": "1.0.0",
  "description": "Keep your Adobe XD files organized, batch rename layers and artboards.",
  "icons": [
      "width": 96,
      "height": 96,
      "path": "images/icon.png"
  "host": {
    "app": "XD",
    "minVersion": "13.0.0"
  "uiEntryPoints": [
      "type": "menu",
      "label": "Rename It",
      "menuItems": [
          "type": "menu",
          "label": "Rename Selected Layers",
          "commandId": "renameCommand",
          "shortcut": {
            "mac": "Ctrl+Alt+R",
            "win": "Ctrl+Alt+R"
          "type": "menu",
          "label": "Find & Replace Selected Layers",
          "commandId": "findReplaceCommand",
          "shortcut": {
            "mac": "Ctrl+Option+Cmd+R",
            "win": "Shift+Ctrl+Alt+R"
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