Marketplace Submission & Manifest Issues

When submitting your plugin to the marketplace, be sure to double-check the following in your manifest, as it is often a source of problems when submitting.

  1. id must match the id provided by the console. During development you’re free to use whatever id you want, but you must match the id to that provided by the console for submission to succeed. If your id is incorrect, you’ll see “Extension id: not matched” as an error message.
  2. host must not be an array when submitting to the marketplace. While UXP & the devtool supports arrays for host, this is a convenience for development against multiple hosts, but is not intended for deployment. If this does get submitted, you’ll see “Invalid” as an error message.
  3. host.minVersion must be 22.0.0. We’ve been developing plugins since when UXP was in a PS 21 prerelease, but the marketplace doesn’t see prerelease versions. As such, for public deployment, you must specify version 22.0.0. If this is submitted, you’ll not see any error message; it’ll be rejected upon review.
  4. Make sure you include icons for both the plugin and panels. Example: If icons aren’t included, your plugin will be rejected during review (but submission will succeed).
  5. Make sure your manifest is a valid JSON file (and is included in the package). If it isn’t, you’ll get “Invalid” from the marketplace submission.
  6. Do not include version numbers in your .ccx filename that you upload to the marketplace. This will definitely cause issues.
  7. Do not have a .ccx filename that is longer than 45 characters, as this will also cause validation to fail.
  8. Ensure your package has no zero-byte files within it. This will cause validation to fail as well.

If your manifest does not meet the above requirements, you’ll likely receive errors when uploading your plugin to the marketplace. If you do get an error, review the manifest and try again.

If you aren’t sure if your manifest has an error, please let us know here, and we can take a look.