Encountering issues with plugin submission? Read this!

For those who are having issues with submitting plugins, here’s some tips that should hopefully help ensure a smooth process:

• ensure the plugin ID in your manifest.json is the same one as your assigned plugin ID; failure to do so will result in a failed submission.
• ensure all of your version numbers are of the form “x.y.z” and are between “0.0.1” and “99.99.99”.
• for minimum XD version, use at least “13.0.0”, not just “13.0”
• avoid four part version strings
• Be sure to increment your version numbers above what’s public in the plugin manager. Failure to do so will cause a failed submission.
DON’T compress a folder and upload it; this seems cause “missing manifest” errors. Instead, compress the files inside the folder, and then submit the resulting bundle. (Or use xdpm from the Adobe XD org – it should build a valid package too.)
DON’T rely on XD being a good indicator here; it doesn’t do nearly as much validation as the approval scripts do.

Apologies for the difficulties here and thanks for your continued patience while we work out the glitches! :slightly_smiling_face: Oh – and if you do encounter a problem with submissions, please ping us!


Thanks @kerrishotts (and @DrewEndick) for clarifying all this. Very happy to say that our Astui plugin has now gone live on the store. Fantastic!

WOOHOOO!!! Happy dance time :slight_smile:

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Our plugin disappeared :confused:

I still see it in the plugin manager (as of 11:55AM ET).

Strange let me sse if it is why I think it is :slight_smile:

We installed the public one and than we are added to the develop folder a new version. Something happened that we can’t see it in the store.

I let you know when we figure it out. Thanks

Ah – if you have one in the develop folder, that might be taking precedent.