Submission Problem (urgent)

I am trying to submit our “Mojo for XD” plugin without any success.

I have tried everything that I can come up with (XDPM, manually zipping/renaming, with/without parent folder etc.).

This is the error message I get all the time :

"Plugin file has failed extraction. Please see our packaging documentation for details"
(please see attached screenshot)

My manifest should be fine. Newest XDPM version validated it and says it’s perfect.

Any hint/support highly appreciated…

I don’t suppose your plugin contains more than about 3K files? That’s one way to fail this step.

(As I found out the hard way with Icons 4 Design, and Adobe had to do some manual workarounds for us.)

THnaks Simon, brought this to in internal discussion. We keep you updated. @kerrishotts for awareness

nope. But thanks for the info. Good to know…

Another day, another error: Now I get a “Parsing plugin file timed out” error.

There are a few people having some issues with the IO console at this time. I think it’s being worked on.