Parsing plugin file timed out

I’m trying to submit a PS plugin and also an XD plugin. Both are UXP plugins, and both have previous versions which have been approved for the marketplace.

For both, when I attempt to upload the plugin file, I am getting the “Parsing plugin file timed out” error after some delay. I do not believe there are any obvious issues with my packages, as they have been created through exactly the same mechanism (UXP tools, Package option), and similarly the manifest files have very minimal changes. Also, the plugin files themselves are under 1MB.

Is there some issue with how plugins are parsed upon upload? Alternatively, can I send these to anyone for feedback as to why they may be failing to parse?

@kerrishotts since I’ve seen some of your previous posts on this topic. Thank you!

Happened to me couple of times, but re-upload in a few minutes did the trick

@Karmalakas That’s what I had to do, except I attempted the upload several times throughout the afternoon. The upload and parse worked the next day, however, so I’m all set. Thanks!

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I’d suggest not editing a topic title, but marking the checkbox on your answer as a solution instead

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Thanks for the suggestion, I have done this.