Error: unable to install plugin (extraction failure)


I would like to publish my plugin, but unfortunatelly I get following error massage after zipping and renaming the .zip file (into a .xdx file):

Unable to install Plugin
Failed to install “myPlugin”: extraction failure.

I looked for a solution in the Adobe Help Center, but I couldn’t find out what’s wrong.

  • the .zip file is way less den 25MB and also contains less than 3.000 files
  • the manifest.json and the main.js are existing (I guess that’s the so named “plug-in files”)
  • I have enough disk space

I also have three subfolders in the plugin parentfolder - do I have to have all files in the parentfolder or can I have subfolders?
And I zipped the files and the folders in the plugin parentfolder not the parentfolder itself.

Any help would be great!!! :pray:
Thanks a lot!

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I think your best bet is to use xdpm package rather than zipping manually, etc.

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Just to give a bit more background regarding this (as it may not be clear to everyone):

@cpryland is talking about xdpm, which is a CLI installable with npm install -g @adobe/xdpm (with npm installed on your system).

Its code and documentation can be found at

All in all, I’d also recommend using xdpm package for additional reasons:

  • it validates a few things (manifest etc.)
  • it supports .ignore files like .gitignore
  • it avoids having to first zip it, then rename the zip file and so on

To then package the plugin, you need to open a command line in your plugin folder and run xdpm package and it should “compile” a .xdx file for you.